The Benefits of Grass-Fed Finished Beef

Roughly 80% of beef sold in the US goes through Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) or feedlots where cattle are typically fed a concentrated grain diet. Cows were not meant to eat grain and when they do their fat content and other nutritional values are drastically changed for the worse. Worse still is that hormones or antibiotics may be added to the feed so that the meat you receive may not be as healthy for you as it should be.
Svante’s Ranch Direct cattle do not go through feed lots. They are free range and graze on pastures filled with native Texas grasses. They receive no food additives, no growth or other hormones, and no antibiotic-laced feed. This is not only healthier and more humane for the cattle, it is healthier for you as well. Our beef is good for Paleo and Whole30 diets and other similar diets that look to whole foods, non-industrial foods and natural foods as sources of protein.
Compared to CAFO, grain fed beef, grass fed, grass finished beef is generally:
* lower in calories;
*50% higher in Omega 3’s, a healthier fat, allowing for a healthier fat ratio;
*higher in CLA’s, conjugated linoleic acid, thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks;
* higher in Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants.

There is a lot of purposeful confusion in the beef marketplace. Beef called “Natural” takes a step in the right direction because the beef shouldn’t have artificial hormones. However, this beef is usually fed grain which negates the health benefits of grass fed grass finished beef. “Organic” beef is also usually fed grain. The grain might be better in quality, because it’s organic, but this still negates the nutritional benefits. There are some who call their beef “Grass Fed” even though they will finish with grain. Waygu beef is typically finished on grain for example. Unfortunately, as the chart below shows it just takes a few days of grain finishing to alter the fat profile of cattle. Within 2 weeks of grain feeding more than 50% of the Omega 3 fats are gone.

Our beef is grass fed, grass finished, all natural and naturally pastured. It’s the way cattle were meant to be. It’s the way cattle were raised in Texas when our ranch was founded, before feedlots were even thought about. Our beef is the purest among the most natural beef you can buy.

Besides being healthier there is another huge benefit from grass fed, grass finished beef. It tastes better than CAFO beef. Blind taste tests at Texas A&M indicate that a vast majority of people prefer the flavor of grass fed, grass finished beef over grain fed or finished beef. It’s similar to what you might experience when you eat free range chicken instead of the usual factory farm chicken. You’ll like the flavor, and you won’t get that heavy feeling in your stomach you sometimes get with grain fed beef.


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